Feasibility studies on new laser micromachining processes

Thanks to our fully equipped laboratory and our qualified process engineers, we can offer feasibility studies on several laser applications such as laser marking, micromachining and microfabrication. As first step we discuss together with the customer to specify the main targets of the laser process. Then, once we receive the test samples from the customer, we make our internal studies that will produce a technical test report.  We will send this report together with the processed samples back to the customer in order to have a feedback on the quality of the laser machining.

Laser application trials in our application laboratory

We are pleased to receive our customers in our application laboratory in order to develop the laser process in tight collaboration with them. In this way we can demonstrate all our laser capabilities according to different optical setups and we can analyze what the most critical aspects of their specific application are.

laser processing

Our laboratory is equipped with several laser workstations for micro and macro machining processes. We are pleased to offer to our customers job shop services in order to produce small batches of samples according to customer requirements.

Application-driven customization of laser systems

After identifying the suitable laser source according to customer application, we can also provide technical advice and support on how to integrate the source into an industrial laser system. In particular we can provide an appropriate dimensioning of the optical setup required for the application (laser wavelength, pulse duration, scanning technique, focusing conditions, sample handling, mechanical and electrical interfacing).

Training and after
sales services

Our company can also offer qualified training on industrial laser systems: laser basic principles of functioning, laser-material interaction, laser interfacing with mechanical and electrical components, optimization of laser process parameters and after sales services at customer site.

Laser application laboratory equipment

Several laser machining workstations are equipped with:

  • 1064nm/532nm/355nm/266nm nanosecond lasers (up to 60W average power)
  • 1064nm/532nm/266nm sub-ns lasers (up to 5W average power)
  • Galvo scanners for different laser power and wavelength
  • Micrometric positioning stages
  • Different laser focusing configurations
  • Most commonly used laser scanning hardware and software
  • Sample inspection and measurement tools
  • Diagnostic tools